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19 September 2030 @ 10:33 pm

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Will be semifriend-locked from 19/09/2010 onwards


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26 September 2010 @ 08:36 am

Just watched the first ten episode of Lost Angel (fanvideo).

Its all in chinese sub. Created by 师太@XQ薮慧楼
Its pretty exciting, with the storylines twisted and all.
The connections are really extensive.
But its not the usual fanvideos which is more centered around member ai.
Each member has their own story which others may not know.
Yamada's episode is not out yet.
Quite curious about his story.

Yamada (zero) seems to be the gang leader.
Takaki like Yabu.
Yabu wants to bring Inoo away.
Daiki is only living to protect Yamada.
Chinen joined to take revenge for his parents.
Ryutaro is disliked by his parents and was blamed for Shintaro's illness.
But Shintaro blamed himself for taking all his parents love from Ryutaro.
Ryutaro wants to protect Shintaro from Yamada.

Okay i think its enough to show how complex the storyline is.
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